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B And D

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  • Ms EOI Teacher

    The Bbs like to walk... but the Dds like to talk. Visuals to help your kids memorise

  • Heather Sterner

    B and D poster... So many kids mix this up... Good reference for them

  • Gina Kneller

    Language Arts: Good way to teach how to differentiate between "b" and "d". Very Clever!

  • Sandy Rangel

    writing letters

  • Nell Hartz

    Memory tricks for kids' letter reversal problems. Love the "make your bed" at the bottom of the page.

  • Lexi Kalil

    The First Grade Parade: Is that a B?? Or a D??? Many visuals to help kids differentiate between b & d.

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Great trick for teaching children how to remember the positioning for lower case b and d

Good way to teach how to differentiate between "b" and "d" Very Clever!

teaching kids the consants that they get mixed up. I actually came up with the idea of the word bed last week to help my 5 year old distinguish b and d, just didn't think to use the hands to even further reinforce it. And she has another one for p and g. Brilliant!

b/d and p/g letter reversals are one of the most common mistakes made by early readers and writers. Here's a fun little solution that really helps

B & D Reversals Posters Amy says--Awesome I can never tell my B & D's apart--this is how I remember it--you turn your back to mom (she had the Boobs-thus the B shape and the small circle is facing away from her), but never to Dad (-a big belly on D and the small circle facing him--does that make sense) Not what I want to teach kids to be rude to there mom, but that is how I remember

Where has this been all my life?!?!? #2 may finally be able to "get" the difference between the 2 letters!

b d reversal...print this to show the kids so they know what you mean when you say it!

Great way to teach kids who are confused between their 'b's and 'd's.

Helping students remember the difference between b,d,p, and g. Great visual!