Miss Piggy & Kermit

Edward Gorey - No Such Thing…As Too Many Books T-shirt from Mlle Ghoul's Fairytales from the Shadows. (This is so true...I want a shirt that says this!)


Gone Reading


Times and places to read.

I'm reading


good read

The Right Books Always Keep You Company. This is a great ad campaign!!

You can never know all the wonderful things hidden in a library.would love a poster of this!!!

How I see libraries.

Reading. books.

Word. Damn that pressuring One Click tho


I don't buy books, I adopt them.

And it'll have a lotsa things! Books, novels, graphic-novels, comic books, mangas and encyclopedias!!

I'm gonna need this on a t-shirt

When I walk through a library or a book store, I always touch the books that I've read. I always go up to Divergent, and say "Hey, its Divergent!" like its a big surprise to see it in a bookstore. :)