I love you lamp

Love. This. Baby. @Marissa Harrer


I feel this way sometimes

And then mentally countdown the days until I can sleep in next and it slightly energizes/motivates me to get over it.: Giggle, Truth, Feel Waking, Funny Picture, Funny Stuff, Humor, Funnies, Mornings

how i feel about most pins

Cat Funnies

ugly lamps need to go

I can't stop laughing

By the time you realize ninja cat is there, you’re dead: 13 Ninja Cats You Don't Wanna Mess With - Mousebreath Magazine : Mousebreath Magazine

No way ... seriously? Dang city bears sure are different than country bears lol lol lol


My cat

let's roll #cute

so true.

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I love cats

I’m going blind…

this is so funny because I actually do this #baby cat #cat| http://adorablecatgallery.flappyhouse.com