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Cave aux Bulles (Bubbles' Cellar)

Cave aux Bulles

Water Light Graffiti by Antonin Fourneau, created in the Digitalarti Artlab by Digitalarti. The "Water Light Graffiti" is a surface made of thousands of LED illuminated by the contact of water. You can use a paintbrush, a water atomizer, your fingers or anything damp to sketch a brightness message or just to draw. Water Light Graffiti is a wall for ephemeral messages in the urban space without deterioration. A wall to communicate and share magically in the city.


The Aperture Interactive Display

Aperture Interactive Display reacts to light to create spectacular effects

LivingSculpture 3D module system by WHITEvoid. The “LivingSculpture 3D modular system” is the latest addition to the PHILIPS “LivingSculpture” product family.

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'A million times' by Humans since 1982 by Humans since 1982. Stockholm based studio Humans since 1982 will present their kinetic work "A million times"

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Oscillate | Montrer le son qui se meut... Un beau travail de Daniel Serra sur la synchronisation entre image et son

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CLOUD: An Interactive Sculpture Made from 6,000 Light Bulbs

CLOUD: An Interactive Sculpture Made from 6,000 Light Bulbs by Caitlind r.c. Brown. September 15, 2012

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"Kinetic Rain" Changi Airport Singapore

"Kinetic Rain" Changi Airport Singapore by ART+COM. In the course of refurbishment works ART+COM was commissioned to create a signature art installation for the Departure-Check-in hall of Terminal 1 at Singapore Airport. “Kinetic Rain” is composed of two parts, each consisting of 608 rain droplets made of lightweight aluminum covered with copper. Suspended from thin steel ropes above the two opposing escalators, each droplet is moved precisely and seemingly floating by a computer-controlled…

The incredible, 80,000 square foot Nature Research Center opened just a couple of weeks ago at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, NC. While its on our list of places we'd like to visit sometime soon, we got a sneak peak inside the exhibition with this video, Patterned by Nature. The sculpture, which is 10 feet wide, 90 feet long, made from 3,600 tiles of LCD glass and and runs on less power than a laptop, wends its way through the museum's five stories. As Sosolimited…

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New Light Installation is Like a Giant Portal to Another World

Инсталация Daydream V.2 размива границата между виртуално и реално пространство #Lighting #Installation #LED #LEDlighting #Lights #LEDlights #Inspiration #LEDs #Arts #Visual [Light Art - Light Installation - Light Painting - Light Exibithion]

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"Goldfish Salvation" Riusuke Fukahori

PECES + RECINA / El artista japonés Riusuke Fukahori pinta en tres dimensiones peces de colores mediante un proceso complejo de resina de vertido. Los peces se pintó meticulosamente, capa por capa, las rebanadas emparedadas revelando un poco más sobre cada criatura, similar a la función de una impresora 3D.