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This video explains an ineresting and complex pollination process involving insects and milkweed. Pollination in this common plant is very similar to the pollination of Orchids

** Isolate the queen, and no matter how abundant the food or favorable the temperature, she will expire in a few days from lonliness. [Maurice Materlinck - The Life of a Bee

HELP THE BEES - PUT DOWN WOODCHIPS and grow GardenGiant mushrooms within them as Bees sip the moisture from the mycelium which then helps to detoxify their bodies and keep their immunity system healthy. The fungi also helps to defend the bee from the mites and their viruses that contribute to colony collapse. Learn more at Also please support Louie and Paul's kickstarter in this regard…

The U.S. Bans GMOs, Bee-Killing Pesticides in All Wildlife Refuges -- The Fish and Wildlife Service will phase out genetically engineered crops and neonicotinoids by 2016.

Chain of bees

See that long string of bees? They are: "Chaining" which is how they determine the best way to build a honeycomb.