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  • Lisa Peterson

    individual student data folders - I love the idea, I would just need to change up the data collected for Kinder

  • Bridgett Elizabeth

    I'm intrigued by these individual student data folders, could act as a portfolio and give students more ownership. It says 1st grade, but could be adapted to any grade.

  • Hannah Webb

    Student Data Notebooks. Students graph their own progress using graphs. Great way to keep a portfolio to see each student's progress

  • Kate

    Try this --> Student Data Folders @ Welcome to First Grade Room 5

  • Duskweekly

    Welcome to First Grade Room 5: Data Folders----- Maybe a good way to setup data binders

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I like the way this teacher organizes her "data" on her student's throughout the year. This would be a great way to organize a student's IEP and Behavioral Plan.

Welcome to First Grade Room 5: Data Folders What an awesome idea! Not only can it be used to track weekly progress but also common assessment data.

Fun, contemporary back-to-school lesson! Have your students draw "selfies" and describe their summer via text message prompts. Makes for a great bulletin board display!!

New Student packet. Pinner wrote, "I can grab it and say 'I thought you maybe joining us today.' instead of 'oh, we weren't expecting a new student.' It will get us off on the right foot. So much better than scrounging for stuff every time a new student arrives!

I need to make these assessment data folders for each kid. Way more organized than the file folders I am using.

Pocket 8 holds a homework graph. Students have to color in a box if they don't return their homework. Students get a homework grade on their report card, so I use this for a grade.

Welcome to First Grade Room 5: Data Folders Says for first grade but could be adapted for any grade.

"Fun DATA!" has students create data, collect data, represent data, and interpret data--all with ordinary classroom items in not-so-ordinary ways! This “Spring BUNDLE” has 5 complete data activities that are fun and engaging!

This free download contains pages for you to use a basic data folder in your classroom. This is perfect for empowering students to take an active role in their progress and for charting/documenting data for the RTI process. There are 10 page types: *cover *math fact graph *reading fluency graph *reading level graph *behavior calendar *spelling word graph *sight word graph *grammar skill graph (this matches my Grammar Snapshots!) *goal sheet for reading, math, and behavior *AR points Some ...

Creating individual student data folders - Great for parent conferences and when goal setting with students!

Great way to give student's the responsibility of setting goals, tracking their own data, and reflecting upon their learning.