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I HATE it when I feel anxious about doing something that i usually don't do and people say "hey u never liked that" or when you say something and they're like "but you said that__" and i feel so stressed out. Like LITERALLY its like changing your opinion is NO, this is such a big issue for me.

""I'll do what I want when I want and she'll do it with me..." because if she doesn't she has to fall off and then I'm in fifty bazillion kinds of trouble"

Mabel Strickland in a posed Cowgirl Portrait, circa 1935. Queen of the Pendleton Roundup of 1927, Strickland was often referred to by the press as the “Lovely Lady of Rodeo.” She was also a champion relay racer. Using three horses to complete a 1 ½ mile racetrack, the relay racer changed horses after each ½ mile, having to use one saddle which forced the competitor to unsaddle, re-saddle and remount each horse.

This devastated little girl is leading her loved one to slaughter for the purpose of winning a title and ribbon. We are taught to mock cows, ignore their suffering, think of them as a product, but the truth is they are no different to the horses, dogs or cats we adore and form bonds with. If this were her dog or horse the outrage would be deafening, but society says this is not only fine but admirable. We say it's time to build a more compassionate society. - Animal Liberation Victoria

Sorry, my horses come first. You are gonna have to be pretty amazing to change that. And even then you will have to share first place.



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11 Horses Who Are Very Ashamed Of What They Did! (Not Really)

1. I pretend not to notice when I step on Mom's foot.

Buck Brannaman is my horseman hero to begin with, so this quote comes to my attention at a PERFECT time! We pray each and every day for this.. And not giving up now!! :D God is good, and we'll stay faithful! Just taking baby steps one day at a time

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Coming from all corners of the (former) Empire! Canadian Mounties train in Hyde Park in preparation for Jubilee celebrations

Canadian Mounties will act as the Queen's personal bodyguard. (May 23) In the run-up to the Diamond Jubilee, the Queen invited the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to take part in the 11 o'clock Changing of the Queen’s Life Guard ceremony with the Household Cavalry. The Mounties will become the first non-military unit to guard the Queen during the centuries' old tradition.

Four months after Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941, pulling the United States into World War II, Yoshiko Kawaguchi’s life changed. She, her three siblings, their parents and 120,000 other Japanese Americans, were imprisoned by the U.S. government, perceived as threats to national security due solely to their Japanese ancestry. Forced to live for five months in a horse stall, then two years behind barbed wire in an internment camp in Arkansas, Yoshiko and her family learned they could survive…

It is insulting to be asked "why are you so angry" as though there's something wrong with anger. I'm angry because what you are suggesting is unfair, illogical or just plain wrong. Don't try to make me meek. That horse has bolted.