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DHARMA SPA #retreat

the Amanyara Spa on a journey of sublime rejuvenation.

Pilgrims prostrating around Mount Kailash - Tibet

Tibetan Dream

Ārya Tārā | Nepal

Impermanence is suffering. All beings are impermanent and die. Haven't you heard about the people who dies in the past? Haven't you seen any of your relatives die? Don't you notice that we grow old? And still, rather than practising the Dharma, you forget about past grief. Padmasambhava, 8th Century, Tibet

Making a Point by Shubh M Singh, via Flickr

Adachiya onsen (hot spring) Shenanigans in Japan

Tibetan Buddhist Khandroma (skywalker) 18th C. Tibet

Buddhist monk in Kathmandu, Nepal

Early morning in Tibet

Tibetan Beauty

inspiration via @colleensaidman Here are some more #youngyoginis at the Tibet border practicing alternate nose breathing.

salt room therapy


hinoki bath

to study the way, whether moving or still, is nothing more or less than becoming quite intimate with our own nature, resting quite easy in our natural state. (source unknown)

Zazen room at Zuiryuji temple, Gifu, Japan 瑞龍寺 岐阜

5 tibetan rites every morning// 21xs each.

this is where I sit to tune in and meditate. It feels luxurious to me-decade. the ultimate pampering as a gift to myself. sit + meditate for even 5 minutes.// annapurnaliving