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I love how three simple lines on a black background can create such a eerie mood and accurately depict a road.

Cicada, Stages of Conventionalization Hugo Froelich, Keramic Studio Magazine, 1905

Pink Salt Pools, Mexico

Pierre Soulages. The first time I saw a painting of his at LACMA I was amazed. I sat in front of it forever.

Pink wall + cactus

— kazuo shiraga


Gold Leaf Abstract Art texture

Peter Wileman

Yolanda Mosquera.

last week i hung some pictures in our apartment. Anton has lived there since 2010 and i moved in a few years ago – and till last week there were hardly any pictures up. which is crazy, right? considering how much i love art and surrounding myself with it. i guess it’s harder when there …

Lawren Harris, "Lake Simcoe", 1918. Group of Seven

Gustav Klimt. Tannenwald

Beautiful installation

the flowers, the bear

Citrus painting

Amazing Oil Painting - amazed how different yellow tones combined can have such light.


Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic artist with a photografic memory, is drawing new york city after seeing it once from a helicopter. amazing!

Vittorio Giardino

Mt. Fuji, Japan. Image via:

Human body