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Though she be but little, she is fierce.

a good deed

Anything's possible

Be kind

Be different, Babe.

As free as the ocean

The three musts.

You make everything groovy


Stay positive.

every day is a fresh start




Let's Get Lost by Sam Dubeau

More focus

Make yourself proud

Silhouettes // 003 - A Lettering Series by Pommel Lane. #josswhedon

We'll clap to that.

c'est la vie

taytippett: I am worthy of forgiveness. I am worthy of being called beautiful. I am worthy of grace. I am worthy of joy. I am worthy of my King. I am worthy of ambition. I am worthy of my dreams & my goals. But over everything I am worthy of love. I am so worth loving because my Father tells me I am. Take that satan.