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    Reminds me of some people I know...

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    • Kerrie Berglan

      I'm not ADD but I am close to a "Few" of them. No pun intended... This is too funny! This is my life...Look! A squirrel!

    • 'Chelica

      ADD? Oh look! A squirrel! I don't MEAN to blurt things out when chatting - hard to control it though..

    • Nita Schoenecker╰☆╮

      Quote: "I have studied people with very high IQs who have ADD, and there are many people with ADD who have never had behavior problems, but do have problems getting organized, getting started on stuff, being able to stay focused or being able to keep one thing in mind while doing something else." Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D.

    • Sarah Siler

      Ask me about my AD.. Oh look ! An airplane !! (: ADD is horrible, funny things like this but it's really hard on people and their families.

    • Gail Hoffman

      My family says this is me... :P :D LOL! Once I was trying to tell a friend a funny story & talked for about 15 minutes while laughing the whole time & I forgot why I started the story in the 1st place & then realized I was laughing about my teacher saying something about being scatter-brained & my friend & I literally laughed for 15 minutes straight! That was years before they made up the name attention deficit disorder...

    • Cassie Riebe

      this made me do that awkward more than giggle but i'm trying not to be loud chuckle laugh thing

    • Tiphanie Smith Benoit

      not that ADD is funny, but facing things with humor is how I roll

    • Charlotte Garrett Art

      funny, quote, humor, add, A.D.D, squirrel

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    I seriously burst out laughing at this! I too have replied with "you too" when told that. LOL

    Ha so true!!

    lolol when I first saw this I thought she meant 10 more minutes of kissing! :x so I laughed when someone wrote. "This would be me xD" ...I was like, "whoa there!!!" Either way, both scenarios would be messed up! :D

    Some people should not express their thoughts on the Internet..... <- but then what would we have to laugh at?

    Backwards b lol xD speaking of all this, I have an exam in Latin tomorrow -_- LATIN. Like srsly, I shouldnt have to do this.

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    Heeeeree's Furby! Oh Katie!!! I am still laughing over this! Remember when your furby started singing in the closet??? Too funny!!!!!!!

    such is my life

    hahahaha so true


    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    True Story check it out:


    Lol! So true!


    How to be a disney villain. I find the word 'fool' to be absolutely hysterical. No wonder they use it in Disney movies!

    So true! Hahaha this is great!

    Haha true

    So true!