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God doesn't work like that. I believe that he will give me whatever I need in life. And he already had done a huge favor for me. It's my turn to give back. :) God Bless You!

I don't believe in these type of things but I do want to show that I am a Christian

Just because I love God. I don't care if he does me a favor, a pin can't dictate that! I pin this because I want to let everyone now that I am proud to be Christian and God loves all of us

Nothing more needs to be said, but the following is up to each of us...

The only way to heaven is by the cross. There is so much truth in this picture! Jesus shed his perfect, innocent blood so we could be forgiven.

Dance..little sista!

One day I was so joyful in IHOP that this lady told me, "I looked so happy, and it made her smile." I told her, " God is sooo good, I can't stop.

I know that my Redeemer lives. He is my Savior and my brother. I am so happy that I have a close relationship with him.  He understands me in ways no one else can, not even my close friends or even family.  He suffered for my sins, our sins so that we wouldn't have to burden us and so we could be happy and live with him and Heavenly Father again. I will do whatever it takes to see him again and feel at home.  I love him so very much :)

The Lord Jesus Christ, Copy of original oil painting by: Del Parson, for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by BjsDoDads on Etsy

Please stop posting chain mail like this. This stuff isn't real, and it's just… | quotes | Pinterest | Chain Mail, Chains and Love You | Random | Pinterest

Please stop posting chain mail like this. This stuff isn't real, and it's just spam. It's really annoying and you guys are cluttering this board. So please, pin it on other boards.

I got to church I jesus

I LOVE JESUS CHRIST! He's my Lord and savior forever. If you don't know the Lord Jesus Christ I encourage you to attend Maranatha Baptist Church in Mt Pleasant MI. Come and you'll learn you love the Lord!

Prince of Peace, as described by Colton Burpo of 'Heaven is for real', and painted by Arkaine Kramarik.    Jesus with the most beautiful eyes!

Child prodigy Akiane Kramarik painted this image, titled Prince of Peace when she was only eight years old. The result is a striking portrait of Jesus Christ, as Akiane saw Him. In the book Heaven is for Real, four-year-old Colton Burpo tells his dad