• Offset G

    Calvin and Hobbes: the next generation! Awesome comic strip, funny idea.

  • Chris "The Brain"

    Calvin and Hobbes is an essential reading for much of my generation. No one has quite captured the paradox of the human imagination against the limiting expectations of society combined with our own arrogant childish perspectives, and yet enable us to laugh at it all. Thank you, Bill Watterson.

  • Teresa Gorecki

    Hobbes and Bacon: A Calvin and Hobbes Tribute Comic Book that Take Place 26 Years Later

  • Dina Pinette

    Awwww "hobbes and bacon" is a tribute comic strip based on calvin and hobbes, but 26 years later - basically, it answers the question, "what if calvin grew up and had a daughter?"

  • Laura Bruns

    Okay, I'll admit...I teared up a bit at this! If you're a Calvin & Hobbes fan, you simply MUST read this. (Several more strips at the link, too!) "Hobbes And Bacon" (Calvin and Hobbes 26 years later!)

  • Megan Elmer

    Calvin and Hobbes my childhood comic strip. Warms my heart

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