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"Breastfeeding moms rejoice: drinking coffee isn't going to mess up your baby's sleep" Woot! Even though my mommyhood is still a ways off, I already dread giving up coffee! Now it seems I could start again right after birth...Now can they do the same study with beer?... KIDDING!!

Yes to all of these! Among other reasons I don't consume caffeine...3 Reasons Caffeine is Making You Tired |GrowingSlower

Back pain can be caused by sitting, standing, doing nothing or sprinting. Yoga poses and stretching with proper form can help strengthen and relieve pain!

Why I'm Putting Gelatin in my Coffee, and 20+ Ways to Incorporate It Into Your Diet - Libby Louer

Hypoparathyroidism a rare condition that occurs when the parathyroid glands, located in your neck, do not make enough parathyroid hormone. Parathyroid hormone helps regulate the levels of calcium and phosphorus in your blood. If you have hypoparathyroidism, your body has too little calcium and too much phosphorus. Source: Hypoparathyroidism | University of Maryland Medical Center

Vanilla Ice Cubes - use in everything from coke for vanilla coke to iced coffee or tea. The options are limitless - gives a creamy vanilla taste to whatever it's in.

How-To: Bulletproof Coffee. My interpretation is a mug of strong hot coffee in the blender with a big lump of butter (about 70 or 80g) and a medium lump of coconut oil (about 30 -40g). I accidentally used salted butter and my coffee was too salty, so I added some maple syrup and then it tasted like kettle corn & coffee. It was really yummy, lol!

Get Rid of Back Pain in Just 7 Minutes a Day | Health & Healing | Bottomline Publications

You are constantly hearing about the importance of sleep for better health, so chances are you already know that getting adequate shut-eye is vital. chiropractorpoole...