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I LOVE Daniel Tosh!

23 Twin Photos to Make You Smile

Jaded Nurses

If you have one friend who understands you on your level of crazy... one friend is all you will ever need.

And I fail everyday...miserably.

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Funny Pictures

10 Christmas Themed Alcoholic Beverages - definitely going to have to try some of these this holiday season.

Tutorial on DIY Spell Bottles/Pendants ~ Cool ideas! Well, I guess one of them is more Hot than Cool... ;-)

Best Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Marijuana Poster / Sorry For My Bluntness / Dorm by IndicaPlateau, $17.00

2007 Bentley Arnage

Green eggs and ham

1969 Buick GS400 Advertising Hot Rod Magazine October 1968.

mirror-hair. Great for letting friends do hair and make-up checks at parties without having to go to the bathroom.

I'm just going to casually stick this bottle up hereeeeeeee no one will notice

Krampus: The Real Nightmare Before Christmas The gnarled and gruesome Krampus stomp through the Christmas markets of Bavaria, scaring children and sometimes even give women a spanking.The hairy creatures are a part of German Christmas tradition and come out before St Nicholas on Dec. 5 and set out to do St. Nick's dirty work terrifying naughty children.

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Wouldn't this be hilarious to leave in a bathroom stall? Must carry @Sharpie in my purse to do this.

angry taco cat gee I wonder why? and to make things worse... outside in public!

A black and white photo wall... Doing this to my new bedroom when my dad gets it move in ready!


The Tornado is an unusual radio source near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy showing a number of remarkable filamentary structures influenced by the magnetic field. It is thought to be a supernova remnant, although the evidence is still inconclusive. Another unusual source is a cluster of bright, compact nebulae located in the lower right edge of the Tornado Nebula. Astronomers debate the nature of the relationship between the larger Tornado Nebula and the cluster of compact nebulae.

get on my level boys. thats so cool how she can do it in high heels and shes just like you wanna try this?!

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