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Piroshki- I have been searching for this recipe! I used to get this with my parents while I lived in Hawaii. This brings back so many memories.

German Windbeutel - Cream Puffs Recipe via German girls helping german girls in America's Facebook Page

Bierocks - German meat turnovers this one includes sausage. Christmas dish every year with the Benzler family

A small town in south central North Dakota could claim the crown of being the Kuchen capital of the state.

History of the Black Sea Germans in the Odessa region.

A favorite recipe from 1983. It was in the summer issue of North Dakota Horizons magazine, and I had lost it. They still use the same photo, although this is cropped from the version in the magazine.

The I-40 Kitchen: 50 States of MoFo: North Dakota: Knoephla

Lefse Eat like a Norwegian! mix potato, flour, butter and cream to create this Scandinavian tortilla. Eat it with a smear of butter and a sprinkle of sugar.

Knefla Soup II Recipe - In a medium bowl, combine flour, egg, 1/2 cup water and salt to form a dough. Cut into thin strips or small pieces. Bring a large pot of water to boil. Stir in dough, potatoes and onion. Cook 20 minutes, until potatoes are tender. Drain. While pasta and …

Diary of a Recipe Addict: Knoephla Soup, This is a different recipe than I make as it includes Cream of chicken soup, interesting...

I was looking at another persons page and it reminded me of a hotdish I've had at funerals and in the hospital (was way to sick to look at it much less take more than 1 bite) but hey I was life flighted out shortly after back to Rochester MN), but never made it myself. LOL wouldn't you know it. The blogger calls it North Dakota Hotdish, and that's where I live. Someday I'll make this!

Diary of a Recipe Addict: Germans from Russia Recipes. Borsht

I felt a little North Dakotan so I made some knoephla soup. This past weekend, I enjoyed following Beth of Rhubarb & Venison, Tracie of Basin Electric, and Sarah of Home With The Lost Italian a...

South Dakota: Frybread Frybread is exactly what it sounds like—a greasy, doughy, fried treat. South Dakota named frybread the official state bread in 2005. But even though it is common in Native American cuisine,

North Dakota: Knoephla Soup - have my own version of this from my North Dakota German relations

Cheese curds wrapped in buttery crescent dough and deep fried.

Fleischkuekle: Fleischkuekle is a type of meat pie made with dough, similar to a Cornish pasty, or Russian chebureki. The dish is traditional Volga Deutsche/Germans from Russia recipe, and through immigration became an addition to the Cuisine of North Dakota. It is also spelled Fleischkuechle. This dish is also popular among the many Russian-German immigrant families of South Dakota.

Carmel Rolls - I so miss these from my growing up years in North Dakota! Must make some for my boys who have never had the delight of this treat!!!!

South Dakota: Kuchen~I have always thought of this as a North Dakota favorite! Love Kuchen!

Halupki (Stuffed Cabbage) - I grew on these. Didn't know they were Russian until about 2 years ago. Not sure where Mother got her recipe.

Guuglhupf: Bierocks und Bier - Recipe - Bierocks are German Spiced Meat, Cabbage and Onion filled Pastries - this is the link to the English translation of this German blog post

Ahhh...Zwieback!!! What could represent a soul food for German & Russian families better than Zwieback buns... I can remember the smell of zwieback baking in my grandmother's farmhouse kitchen,

German-Russian Country

Spice of Life - Living the German Russian Culture: Making Noodles The Old Fashioned Way

Odessa - German Russians in the Dakotas - obituary links