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Old fashion dating.

These are old fashioned?... I thought all of this still happens. I haven't been on a date yet so I'm over here thinking this still happens. That's depressing that it...

Hahahaha me, like I can be praying and then I forget what I am doing and then I starting thinking of random things. Then I finally remember what I was doing and then go back to praying. Hey ADD is hard and funny sometimes.

DIY Industrial Cart Console Table

Hey friends! I am THRILLED with how this latest build turned out! The lumber cost was $70 to build. Check out my new DIY Industrial Console Table! How pretty is she? This piece is all about the hardware. Really you are taking a very basic build and a few boards and turning them into a piece of art by adding some awesome hardware. These corner brackets are a new fav! I found them at Home Depot. They are Simpson Strong-Tie brand. They are only $1.53 piece!

Customizable "Don't go bacon my heart" His & Hers Mug Set

All I Need Is Coffee And Jesus Glitter Travel Mug // Travel Mug // Custom Cup // Plastic Travel Mug // Glitter Dipped Tumbler

All I Need Is Coffee And Jesus // Coffee To Go Cup // To Go Cup // Custom Cup // Plastic To Go Cup // Glitter Dipped Tumbler

Wow. Bear tongue.lmao this frickin made my night!!!!!!!!!

Game Over

Wow. Bear tongue.lmao this frickin made my night!!!!!!!!!

Tequila Salt and Lime Best Friends 8.5 x 11 by BuckAndLibby on Etsy Tequila shots and Margarita College Dorm Room Bar Man Cave