DIY platform bed + doggie bed trundle. smart.

Dog Pond. Neat idea

Entryway organizer with dog bed

the sign! The bed! Everything!

I love the idea of dressing up a closet instead of a kennel

This looks so comfortable! Barnwood Hanging Bed

does it get any better?! amazing!

Dog Bed . . . love this -- they dig and settle in.

Fun Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 31 Pics

So much nicer instead of crates...more like a real den. And goes with the decor! Easy to make too...try gutting old floor model tv's!!! The hinged door is also a great addition! ~ Di

I need these all over the house! Bookshelf end table. I'd really like one by the bed!

Dresser at the end of the bed instead of a foot board

i like this look above the bed

Nightstand over corner of a bed if no space for a table

Use curtains to frame the bed. Love this idea, so warm and cozy looking.

Great idea. Dog Door. Could lock the cabinet when not home and dog could still come and go.

Dog bowls

dog crate!

Put a bed in a closet so the whole room is open and it looks so cozy.