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    breast feeding and excercise

    Breast Feeding

    Why you should breast feed

    Breast feeding facts

    Great information that every breast feeding mom should know about their own diet and how it affects your little one.

    Breast Feeding Health Benefits

    Breast feeding pillow

    Breast feeding smoothir

    There are several questions linked to breastfeeding and it is natural for new moms to be curious about it. Read here 5 stages of how breast milk is produced

    Dos and donts of breast feeding

    breast milk

    Breast feeding Stephanie Close Francis Leonard

    How to buy a breast pump

    Website with breast feeding tips and handouts

    Sell or donate your excess breastmilk? Seems like it's much easier to either donate unofficially, sell, or even just dump it down the drain, than donate it to a FDA-approved facility. Their requirements are insane, and even though it goes mostly to premies, it costs $4 an ounce!!

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