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    "Reading gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are." -Mason Cooley

    Books can take you so many wonderful & fantastic places!

    "some books are meant / to be read just like this / alone, with the evening, / a bowl of fruit ripening / waiting for the reader / to grow hungry, but / she won't, the book / will devour her, / and it / will soon / become / morning."

    I've nothing against blogs, I have one of my own, but this is still awesome & true!

    Every time I see these cute little "reading is awesome" pins I think that I should stop pinning and get back to my book. Then I keep pinning.

    This reminds me of a book I've read where the character climbs over a wall to get away from school - Eustace in Narnia? Can't remember now.

    A lovely place to be.

    5x7 Reading Print - Between the Pages of a Book is a Lovely Place to Be - Book Quote Print - Bibliophile Typography. $15.00, via Etsy.

    Lighting can make the difference in you staying for 5 minutes, or lingering until you finish just one more chapter. Here are tips to brighten your reading nook area. light reading dark e1297104279272

    Hunger Games still: Trust me. media-cache7.pint... claudiaspins i have plenty of fire myself what i need is the da

    If everybody would read the world would be a better place :) the only cure for ignorance

    #reading is...<><>even when Tris stops being brave, Jonas loses the colors, and Percy stops being...well, Percy.