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Women can always tell when you look at their boobs. It doesn't matter how quickly you glance, one second is like five in boob time.

Lined with neoprene and padded for serious impact, BottleKeeper does what a regular koozie can’t: it keeps your beer cold and safe, wherever you go. Protect your beer from the elements with BottleKeeper.

from Boots Tees

Master Plan

Funny Graduation Gift T-Shirt for High School or College Grads. It makes a cute kindergarten graduation shirt, too. :)

Sometimes my big ol' boobs get in the way and I know exactly how a T-Rex feels.

there is a little more truth here than I care to admit!

Funny Flirting Ecard: Sometimes I feel down, but then I remember that I have big boobs and it makes everything better.