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  • LustDaddy

    temptation... could you do such a photo to me ? show me where you would like to be kissed in your neck... I love when the hair are removed as to show a private hidden place...

  • Debb Pryce

    Passionate Love Photography | ... and Penélope Cruz. From the film is a definition of romantic love

  • Francesca Paisano

    just ready to take a little bite, riiiiiiight there. MMmm.

  • Katha-Soma

    Sensual St Patty’s 2014 Sweepstakes for romance readers: a gift of Irish Romance, Sensuality, Arousal

  • Melissa Allee

    Anniversary pics

  • Sandra Brown

    "He gathered her thick, curly hair In a gentle fist, lifted it off her neck, and pressed a kiss into her nape... 'Camille, Camille,' he breathed as he moved one hand to her abdomen and drew her against him. . ." #LovesEncore

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Tessa and Connor lay in bed, dead to the world with covers kicked to the end of the mattress. Connor's head was tucked underneath Tessa's shoulder, and his leg covered hers. Connor's mother looked on from the doorway, smiling, and happy her baby boy was so dearly loved.

Too bad there are no pictures of Ty and I like this as kids haha we wanted nothing to do with eachother!

I saw this picture and right as I did I started to get the hair on end feeling of you coming here, right on the side of my neck, I can feel... something

Yeah, shit get's real because I'd kick him in the shins! I liken being kissed on the neck to that feeling of being held down and tickled as a child, except having a prickly stubble face graze your neck is worse...and I'm big enough to fight that shit off!

i know he is out there and when he is he will make him self known c: and i can only be patient and wait c:

tender, but I would prefer a different angle, so it doesn't look like she's on her head.

“Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.” Author Unknown

Kissing In Paris - love cute hug couple relationship kiss black and white

I need your amazing kisses tonight.. I want to hold my lover and feel her body pressed to mine!!

7.14.2014 I loved when I would visit you at the apartment & when we were sayw our goodbyes you would always lean inside the car & like an hour later we'd be slightly content with out good bye kiss & we would reluctantly let go .....

"O amor é um rio onde as águas de dois ribeiros se misturam sem se confundir." (Jacques Bossuet)