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the hand of the Buddha...the chakra in the hand.

Seven chakras

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Chakra's in blue.

To Be Alive

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We are incredible beings full of healing energy to heal ourselves and our world. We are love and light

meditate by a tree


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OM SHANTI The whole universe is made up of vibrating, pulsating energy. Om is considered to be the humming sound of this cosmic energy. It is also known as the “Anahat Nada”or the “Unstruck Sound”, meaning that it is not made by two things striking together.The body cells, molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles all vibrate in the same wavelength as the mantra. When we chant Om, we bring peace and light down from above and create a universal harmony within and without us.ॐ

asato ma sadgamaya tamaso ma jyotirgamaya mrtyorma amrtam gamaya

"Dont be afraid to ask your Higher Self for the answers, they will always be loving and awesome. Feel your heart centre and go ahead and ask. When the answer comes you will know it is real because of the love that you feel." ~ Kosmic Evolution..*


Third Eye Chakra