Crochet cats as toys or stuff with beans for a cute doorstop. Pattern is by Stip & HAAK and is in Dutch, so you will have to use a translator.

Stip & HAAK: Kruimel

Free Pattern crochet Cat, Dots & HOOK. / Traducir en google translate del holandés...

Gato Cat (Free - Use translation)

Very cute patterns from Stip & HAAK

Oranje Kat (patroon van Mala-design)

cat- use translator

DIY Crochet Flower Pattern DIY Crochet Flower Pattern I was thinking you could make two and turn it into a pillow.

ao with

Sil's Corner: Patroon Mr. Sleepy

Cute Cat Crochet pattern

Free crochet pattern bunnys

Crochet kitten

Girls Crocheted Cardigan - Pattern <3

Calliope Cat amigurumi crochet pattern by Little Muggles

Een uil haken, crochet an owl. Free pattern written in Dutch, but try Google translate to help you.

Crochet pattern

Free crocheting pattern: Sweet Pup Crochet Pattern

Crochet kitty - so cute

DIY Amigurumi Dachshund - FREE Crochet Pattern / Tutorial