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I always have a good time with these dudes.

I can't tell you how many times (it's 3) I've told the story of Lin having Moana meetings over Skype in full Hamilton costume during the break between the Wednesday Matinee and Evening Shows.

Very funny :)>>> FUNNY???? Are you kidding me? They DIED. FANS DID THIS TO THEIR MEMORIAL AND YOU THINK ITS FUNNY?? For goodness sake<<hakuna your tatas<<< this is an awesome tributr

"Sugar shack" by Ernie barnes is one of my favorite paintings for as long as i could remember. My grandparents had this painting in their house it brings so many pleasant memories i plan to buy this for my first apartment !

There isn't any wind in space, so Darth Vader was using the Force to make his cape flow for #aesthetic. {people can only dream of being this extra}

The Ultimate List of Free Love Fonts

FREE Romantic Fonts- a whole collection of cute and gorgeous fonts ALL FREE!

TLOZ: Year of the Rooster by EternaLegend on DeviantArt

(Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) Zelda

"I wish we were born with a tattoo identical to our soul mate, so we don't waste time on people that don't care about us"

I got my Hogwarts letter from a different website and I love it! Can't remember what website it was, though...