21st birthday cake


So funny! I do this all the time. Graduation card for a Birthday card! Besides everyone laughs about that more than the card itself


27 Reasons Kids Are Pretty Much Just Tiny Drunk Adults...these are pretty funny!

scoop ice cream into baking cups before party and put in the freezer until cake is served.

I need to give this cake to everyone. But ESPECIALLY!!! my friends and family!!

Superhero Cake!

21st birthday present PLEASE

please tell me this isnt real

Sassy Unicorn Rainbow Cake

21st bday cake! haha

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21st Birthday Cake

Funny, right??

Happy Birthday to myself! :) I am now officially legal and getting way too old. Haha. Happy 21st birthday to me! :)

my life

Birthday cake! Interesting

GO GREEN!! freaking hilarious!

Touch my cake

Cat poop cake!