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Supplying a sick child with a steady stream of crayons, stickers, washable markers, and paper can help him recuperate faster by keeping him quiet for a relatively long time.

A helpful list of 20 tips and tricks to help your kids feel better they're feeling sick.

5 Ways To Soothe a Child's Sore Throat

Here are 5 tips to help your sick child feel better when they have a sore throat. Some great hacks and helpful things here. I love #3!

10 puberty books to help kids navigate the tough times: Books for kids about puberty

This book is a must buy for your daughter -- can't say enough about how much it helped!

Surviving Sickness with Tablecloths, Jello, Lightbulbs & Sugar

All sorts of ideas for helping your child through a sickness. I didn't know the tip about Jello.

A blanket fort is perfect for sick children since it gives them a change of scenery and still provides a cozy place to catch some z’s and play quietly.

Quiet Time 1 2 3 - When Your Child Won't Nap

Great tips for all parents who struggle with "Quiet Time " now that their kids have given up nap.