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Should Have Put A Pin On It

Some people only 'like' stuff and hardly ever pin anything. I'm like why don't you pin things? Can you not come up with any boards to pin it on?

double board pins...often -- triple.board pins...occasionally -- quadruple board…

I run into this problem quite often actually! I have more than one board that pin can go on. This may be a problem.

no truer words have even been typed!

people feel Empowered yet incompetent, inspired yet Overwhelmed and just plain Hungry. all at the same time.

Wasted time...oh yeah,i can relate...

this is so sad but true. except for one thing. I waste lots more than an hour.

Some of the best things come from Pinterest.

My texting conversations have gone from an actual conversation to sending pictures of funny things I found on pintrest.so true

Be a Pin Princess!

I am a Pincess

Yassssssssss! I Love My Pinterest Followers!

I love all of you guys soo much! You guys are all amazing and I really appreciate it. love u tooooo Rebecca and thanks for making me a Pinaholic

I know I often spend too much time pinning but I don't stop: I looking for the pins I don't have yet! I am papinthetic!

#pinterest #Funnies #Humour    For more great pins go to @KaseyBelleFox

i’m taking a “pintermission”