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You cannot fix stupid... Wal-Mart cake. Best wishes Suzanne. Under neat that. We will miss you. This is unreal.

cannot stop laughing! ha!

Introverts-Extroverts The entry under "Home" made me laugh because my husband is an extrovert and that entry is a common issue that arises around here on the weekends. He wants to invite friends over and I want to hide from the world and recharge. But we make it work. =)

"INTJ approached from a frustrated point of view...hehe, I usuallyyyy have more tact than this INTJ, but seriously..." EXCEPT FOR THE SURPRISE PART

someone told me yesterday that i was self-centered so i guess this is fitting....hahaha

Unfortch, everyone's heard my silence lately. I'm working on it. #hermit #silence

I wish I could credit the artist who designed this. Unfortunately, it is impossible to trace back :(

I have less to say that I thought #INTJ

unless you want to braid each others hair and hold hands, we're done here. via Etsy.

But THEYRE NOT! They're only out to tear down the person living their dreams and doing better than them. Don't let jealousy make you a bitter insufferable human.