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Significant otter.

Happy baby animals always make me smile. This kissing (or nomming?) otter baby just oozes cuteness.

amazing love, amazing animal, amazing animal friendships

Everyone knows that otters are superior cuddlers and weve obviously got a bashful goat here. So the otter is teaching the goat the art of cuddling. Have a pen and paper? Because you should be taking notes.

Otter Love

otters hold hands when sleeping (I seriously hope this is a true fact, how adorable!

That is one cute doggie =)

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Fluffy Sea Otter. I have to pin this. It's sooo cute!!

Fluffy Sea Otter

Look at this face! This great photo of Joy, who has reared 16 sea otter pups during her time at the Aquarium. Learn more about our sea otter exhibit and sea otter conservation at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Why do we never run out of adorable and hilarious animal photos? There are 2 reasons: Some animals are funny and cute of the time and Because we never get bored of seeing funny, adorable creatures!

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Funny pictures about Lalalalala can't hear you. Oh, and cool pics about Lalalalala can't hear you. Also, Lalalalala can't hear you photos.

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Fun Fact: The Guinea Pig Dinosaur is neither pig nor dinosaur. View "Guinea Pig in a Dinosaur Costume" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

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Mary's Dream