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Love love love love love this!

This is by far one of the best Harry Potter tribute videos I've seen. gave me goosebumps

Harry Potter - Through the Pensieve (I may have pinned this before, but it is great and needed to be pinned again!)

If you consider yourself a HP fan at all, this video is beyond words. This gave me chills. Every good thing about HP wrapped up on one exquisite vid! I am in love with this video

Hmm interesting theory! Also I completely agree that anyone can choose to be brave, the choosing party is the part that requires bravery!

This makes so much sense. Except I think Neville is actually Hufflepuff and Ron was an automatic Gryffindor. "It is our choices that make us who we are, far more than our abilities.

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Tom Felton learn to speak American!

Harry Potter cast speak with American accent. Love the "American" phrases they give them! "What language do you speak?" "I speak American. The freedom language!" Too funny!

harry potter

Hermione - 'Who are you?' Ron - 'Your future husband!' Hermione - 'I did not see that coming'

HPotterfacts 083

I love this and the fact that it is true! It was in an interview in the special features of the movie :)

my children will have pictures like this...

Harry Potter baby = best baby picture ever. doing this to our kids XD

yo mama harry potter

"Yo mama so ugly, even the Whomping Willow wouldn't hit that." and other awesome Harry Potter yo mama jokes.

LET THE SKY FALL - Harry Potter. Absolutely wonderful.

LET THE SKY FALL - Harry Potter. This song is so perfect for Harry Potter. A great video, will make you tear up

Harry Potter extra clip... what? And they even mention Peeves! It was filmed for the Queen's 80th birthday. they didnt recognize hedwig....jerks

When did they do this? It's obviously not part of the movie, so did they do this for the queen's birthday celebration?

Good Life [The Harry Potter Trio - Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson]

oh gosh.I gotta stop giving myself these feels!---you have to watch of the best harry potter behind the scenes videos out there.

I believe my heart broke at that line in the book...

I believe my heart broke at that line in the book.I really wish they had put it in the movie.Yes!

harry potter. ♡ bridesmaids my favorites

Actually Love this movie Harry Potter meets Bridesmaids This made me laugh too much! these were fantastic movies