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"O mundo é um espelho, pois se sorrires para ele, ele sorrirá para ti." Que bonita!

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Road trips are my favorite form of travel. If you ever get to take a road trip by yourself DO IT. Have some of your friends make you playlists of new music to discover on your drive. Stop at different places, and give yourself a few days to get where you're going. Just relax and let the road take you to where you need to go. (I didn't write this but I couldn't agree more) Love it!

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Don't want to brag or boast just praise and worship God for blessing me much more than I deserve!

Sometimes you feel like your nature is a curse, but there's a reason. It IS a blessing. Don't apologize to others for the direction your spirit leads you.

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Yes I am aware that Shakespeare is misspelled, and that the origin of this quote is shrouded in mystery. "The earth hath music for those who listen." Love the sounds I hear..