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    Picture of man in a yoga posture, from Indus Valley Civilization (3300–1300 BC)

    "Unicorn" seal, Harappa. They used seals when they traded in the Indus Valley. we have found the seals in many other cities around the Indus Valley

    Indus Civilization: Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa

    Indus Valley Civilization

    ca. 376–414. Gold Coin Showing King Chandragupta II as an Archer. The Gupta king is credited with conquering 21 kingdoms and tribes inside and outside India incoporating them into the Indian Empire. The Golden Age of India where Hindusim flourished.

    Notable in civilization around the Indus Valley is the lack of strong resemblances to other early civilizations to the west of Mesopotamia, which indicates that Harappa was not a colony. Skeletal remains, however, show that the dominant human type of the peoples who built the civilization was a tall, long faced, dark-haired strain much like those from the Mediterranean region.

    Celtic helmet found at Agris, Charante, 4th century BC (iron & bronze covered with gold & inlaid with coral)

    Indus Valley

    Extraordinary kurgan burial shines new light on Sarmatian life. Last month, archaeologists excavating a mound in the Filippovka burial ground in the Orenburg region of Russia’s Southern Ural steppes discovered a rare intact burial from the nomadic Persian-speaking Sarmatian people who lived in the area from around 500 B.C. until 400 A.D. The burial ground has 29 funerary mounds, known as kurgans.

    Indus Valley Terracotta Figurine Circa: 3000 BC to 2500 BC

    indus valley civilization | Indus Valley Government

    Indus Valley loom weight in terracotta. Date: 4000 to 2500 BCE. Location: Indus Valley, Western India.

    Indus River Valley Civilization

    The Indus Valley: Mohenjo-daro, Harappa - Ancient Man and His First Civilizations

    Harappan Civilisation, 2600–1900 BCE (they were the peak of the Indus Valley Civilization 3300–1900 BCE).

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    Priest King, Mohenjo Daro, Indus Valley Civilization, Ancient India! The greater Indus region was home to the largest of the four ancient urban civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, South Asia and China. Harappa was a city in the Indus civilization that flourished around 2600 to 1700 BCE in the western part of South Asia.

    Pottery vase 2500-2000 BC Indus Valley Civilisation

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