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"Unicorn" seal, Harappa. They used seals when they traded in the Indus Valley. we have found the seals in many other cities around the Indus Valley

The oldest and most populated city of the ancient Assyrian Empire, Nineveh, sat on the eastern bank of the Tigris river. The city is first mentioned about 1800 BC as a center of worship of Ishtar whose cult was responsible for the city's early importance. A statue of the goddess was sent to Amenhotep III, Pharaoh of Egypt in the 14th century BC by orders of the king of Mitanni.

Gold seal - Sumerian goddess Inanna/Ishtar as "Mistress of Animals", Turkmenistan, ca 2000 BC ~~ Jehovah called the false gods of the nations "dungy idols". Ishtar, a fertility goddess also known as Aster, Astre, Artemis is behind Easter with it's eggs, bunnies etc. (NON CHRISTIAN!)