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*EGYPT: The Great Royal Wife Tiye, matriarch of the Amama Dynasty-from the Altes Museum in Berlin, Germany: Spouse: Amenthotep III, Father: Yuya, Mother: Thuya, Borne: 1398 BC, Akhmim, Upper Egypt; Died: 1338 BC; Burial KV35, Valley of the Kings, Thebes. Religion Ancient Egyptian religion.

The famous wood bust of Egyptian queen Tiye or Teje, Akhenaten's mother, standing in the Egyptian museum in Berlin.

Portrait head of Queen Tiye, Grandmother of Tutankhamun, 18th Dynasty, 1382 - 1344 B.C. Altes Museum, Berlin.

Amenhotep III (Hellenized as Amenophis III; Egyptian Amāna- ātpa; meaning Amun is Satisfied) also known as Amenhotep the Magnificent was the nineth pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty. According to different authors, he ruled Egypt from June 1386 to 1349 BC or June 1388 BC to December 1351 BC/1350 BC after his father Thutmose IV died. Amenhotep III was the son of Thutmose by a minor wife Mutemwiya.

Statuette of Osiris with the name of Padihorpere. Late Period Dynasty: Dynasty 25–26 , ca. 712–525 B.C. Egypt. Bronze or copper alloy

Arkan Galleryfrom Arkan Gallery

Ankh | Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Painting

Ancient Egyptian Art on Egyptian Papyrus. Unique Handmade Art For Sale at | Title: “Ankh” (Key of Life or The Key of The Nile) | Size: 12" x 16" |

SCARAB: Ancient Egyptian Green Limestone Scarabs, According to ancient Egyptian myths, the sun (Ra) rolls across the sky each day and transforms bodies and souls. Modeled upon the Scarabaeidae family dung beetle, which rolls dung into a ball for the purposes of eating and laying eggs that are later transformed into larva, the scarab was seen as an earthly symbol of this heavenly cycle. This came to be iconographic, and ideological symbols were incorporated into ancient Egyptian society.

Akhenaten with child, Egyptian Museum, Amarna, Cairo, Egypt

Never before was such tenderness displayed in Egyptian art. Statue of Akhenaten with child, Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

QUEEN TIYE: Queen and Great Royal Wife of Pharao Amenhotep III. Mother of Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten.

Queen Tiye ( 1398 BC - 1338 BC ). Daughter of Yuya and Tjuyu, royal wife of Amenhotep III, mother to Akhenaten and grandmother to Tutankhamun. Her mummy was identified as, "The Elder Lady", found in the tomb of Amenhotep II in 2010.

Queen Ahmose Nefertari, Nubian Egyptian Queen Black skin is thought to be due to her Ethiopian father and signified her true Nubian royal lineage. She became Queen of Egypt at the start of the 18th Dynasty. (1550 to 1525 BC)