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Frito-Lay, producers of Rold Gold pretzels, announced a recall that's especially concerning for parents of children with peanut allergies. #peanutallergy #foodrecall #whattoexpect | whattoexpect.com

Will my heart be big enough for more than 1 child? Will I have enough time to care for both kids? These are just some of the things that scare me about becoming a mom of two.

On Friday, the Consumer Product and Safety Commission announced a recall of 3.1 million affected cups due to 3,066 reports of moldy valves and at least 68 children sick with vomiting, diarrhea or another symptom. #sippycuprecall #whattoexpect | whattoexpect.com

Discover a few things about your children’s future relationship with each other — some of which you may never have suspected. #siblings #brothersisterrelationship #whattoexpect | whattoexpect.com

Chrissy Teigen celebrated her shower for her first child, a girl, on Sunday, and just like Mom, the party was glamorous with a touch of humor. #babyshower #whattoexpect | whattoexpect.com

Lots of women go through the journey of infertility, and Tyra Banks just shared that she's one of them. After struggling with infertility for years, today the producer, model and TV host announced the arrival of her first child, via surrogate. #infertility #surrogacy #whattoexpect | whattoexpect.com

Fever in children means their body is fighting off an infection, cold, or flu. However, pediatric fever can be serious - do you know what to look for? (ad)

Parenting a toddler is always challenging, but when you're on bed rest due to pregnancy or surgery, it's nearly impossible! Here are some survival tips from a woman who's been there. These are the ideas you need for activities and meals to keep your littl

If i could i wouldve had my third baby 2 years apart like my first and second it was so much easier when they were smaller. A bigger age gap is difficult

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