• Kach Baby Clothing

    BELLYBOUND - #Maternity Band - The unique design of this seamless microfibre garment, gives extra support accross the lower back and underneath the tummy

  • Leslie Aitken

    Amon Maternity Behold Belly Support Band - I had one of these for the last six weeks -- it was worth every penny, especially if you have big babies!

  • Rebecca @SweetBubba

    BellyBound Maternity Band

  • Vanessa Drewlo

    Amon Maternity Behold Band. Great to wear when your belly needs a lift. I wore this when going for walks and loved the pressure it took off.

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This is adorable.

Say again? "Japanese company will 3D print your fetus for $1,275"


"According to some, a hanging crib makes the transition from womb to world a little easier for your baby. Suspended from the ceiling, the crib is gently sent into a rocking motion whenever the baby wiggles. This slight rocking movement calms baby and puts him back in dreamland."

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Fotos Embarazo

Belly / Cindy Loughridge

Father and son footprint - precious....

Beautiful pregnancy photos.

Aysyt is the Yakut Mother Goddess of the Turkic Yakut of Siberia. The name means "birthgiver" and may also be called the "Mother of Cradles". Her full name is given as Ajysyt-ijaksit-khotan, meaning "Birthgiving nourishing mother". Ajysyt was responsible for conducting the soul of a newborn child to its birth and attended every birth. Women would channel Ajysyt, believing that doing so would relieve them of pain during childbirth.


larry towell, pregnant ann with naomi, lambton county, ontario, canada, 1989, gelatin silver print


Oh my gosh that would have been so nice to have... another duh moment. Fill a glove w/beans, pearled barley, etc, give a few pats with it and slip quietly away.

Howard Schatz


Plaster mold of pregnant belly after baby is born with baby inside the mold! Puts things is prospective.


Omg I am doing this!

New baby with older sibling


Alright.... this may be the best idea ever for newborns.

babies ♥