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Explore Burritos Pastrami, Burger 2314, and more!

Everest Burger - 2314 N. Lake Ave, Altadena -- Known for their burgers, breakfast burritos, pastrami, fries, onion rings and more.....a reliable local joint.

Circus Liquor, Los Angeles, CA ... by Thomas Hawk via flickr Me encanta la concepción de la cara malvada del payaso con la tienda de licores.

Altadena: Between Wilderness and City -- a history of Altadena written by Michele Zack, and published by the Altadena Historical Society. "...Not only does Michele Zack tell the lively story of Altadena in an encompassing and vibrant way, she places that story in its most complete regional and national context... This is history as written by a writer of insight who knows that Altadena – as place, city, reality, and dream – encompasses the range and richness of American life."

Super King Market, 2260 N. Lincoln Ave, Altadena -- the best Mexarmenianasian Market in So. Cal. -- and the busiest place in Altadena. Why? Unbelievable prices!