Random acts of kindness- advent calendar printables

Random acts of kindness.

35 random acts of kindness

52 weeks of Random Acts of Kindness – a list of 52 ideas for random acts of kindness to do throughout the year. make a new years resolution to do acts of kindness for others - fun things to do with the kids, and some to do for the kids.

Random acts of kindness Easter eggs

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt...love this one! A new version of an old one I've used for years with my kids.

72-hour food kits - could be a service project for the pantry?

Practice random acts of kindness

popcorn and a soft drink! I did this a couple of years ago..really cute. You can replace "friend" with neighbor, teacher, principal, etc. Cute cheap gift!

Practice Random Acts of Kindness إجعل من عاداتك القيام بعمل إحسان عشوائي

32 Random Acts of Kindness

40 days of Random Acts of Kindness!!

Defrump Me: 50 things to do at Christmas {25 Days of Christmas}

The Christmas Nail Ornament - to remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas. $2.25, via Etsy.

25+ Handmade Christmas Gifts for Boys

Random Acts of Kindness. 100 ideas for Random Acts of Kindness. 100 RAK's The best DIY you could ever do...

We made this Christmas Tree back in the Girl Scout Days!...before it was a Pin!

truly amazing! i LOVE it!

Ideas for Kids Christmas party!

Random Acts of Kindness are an easy way to brighten someone’s day. Bring flowers to a loved one, buy coffee for the person behind you in line at your local cafe, or even surprise a friend with a #Sevenly tee :)

Random Acts Of Kindness - this is the best EVER!!!!