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Cyclone Roller Coaster, Coney Island, New York

First Roller Coaster - June 16 in the first roller coaster in America opens at Coney Island, in Brooklyn, New York. It traveled approximately six miles per hour and cost a nickel to ride. I rode it for the first time 102 summers later, in

New York circa 1905. Coney Island - Luna Park promenade....wow Coney was ALOT…

New York circa Coney Island - Luna Park promenade. How I wish I could see the old Coney Island Parks at this time.

New York circa 1905. Surf bathing at Coney Island.

1905 Surf bathing at Coney Island, New York, USA.“ The latest in revealing swimwear! glass negative, Detroit Publishing Co.

The Cyclone - Coney Island - 1950's

Old Dreamland Park site and Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster. New aquarium is being built nearby.