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Once upon a time...when I danced pointe`...this was a reality. Fast forward to the present- I'm quite positive I would be hospitalized if I were to attempt this.

#1 Weight loss SECRET nobody is telling you..THIS WORKS FAST! I lost over 15+ lbs in 3 wks. YES!!!

I miss ballet fiercely. I miss being able to touch my knees with my nose, do splits, feel graceful in front of a mirror, look amazing in tight clothing, and be flexible without grimacing. I was never an amazing ballet student, but I felt amazing.

I want to do this for the mere fact that I want to walk into my bfs bedroom in the middle of the night and scare the crap out of him

Dance. Extend. Another goal I have is to be able to do something like this for my senior photos...

goal: my favorite ballerina stretch, which I've been unable to do since an injury this past spring. #workingonit

Wow, this is motivation for me to stopping eating a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's in one setting and start working out even more!

Someday, soon. I will do this. I think I might want to become a dietitian AND a yoga instructor. But first the student must become the master...

You all will try to do this with me at the party, right? And I have the perfect shoes to wear while we try...hang on...

I actually (attempt to) do this every morning.