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Twitter Door - have a laminated strip for every child and they get time to tweet about something they learned, liked or happened during school that day! Gets them writing and ties in something they're probably already interested in!

Brilliant! Ideas for increasing family involvement in student learning. Get everyone involved- even if you're a new teacher!

I LOVE this! Classroom Facebook! What a fun writing center and at the end of the year you can collect the students' updates and send them home.

When a child is unfriendly in class, they have to pick a random act of kindness. Better than taking away recess/making say sorry.

Organized Classroomfrom Organized Classroom

End of the Year Stars

"you were a star in our class" with a starburst @Denise Roane Finch

when students participate when no one else is or answer a challenging question they can get 'smart beads' to wear. they trade in smart beads at the end of the day for a little note that goes home to their parents! cute!

This would be a great activity for two students. The teacher could call out a letter and the first child to slap the letter gets a point. The link shows how to make the activity.

I created these for my intermediate students and they really bought into it. I started off writing them myself, but as time passed we took the time to learn how to write sincere, detailed praise and thanks and it took off from there. Looks great on coloured paper and taped to the entrance of the classroom door. At the end of the year, pile up each student's 'shout-outs' and present them. I have pinned a couple other templates - for variety on the wall.


First Day of School Activities for Big Kids

first day of grade poem printable First Day of School Activities for Big Kids. A collection from around the Blogosphere!