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Bruxas também são pessoas!!!

Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stephens On the set of Bewitched Black and white Photo shoot "Witches are people too"

Literary Tattoo

Not all who wander are lost tat. Not the placement i want to get it at but still a profound quote i LOVE!

ever sooooo very true!

I have never loved a quote more! It's funny when someone claims you don't have haters, people just don't like you. BUT then quote a haters gonna hate!

That's what it's come to: those skinny jeans wearing, effeminate, estrogenic, safe space needing, non-confrontational wussy a## punks are making our grandfather's roll over in their graves. They have no idea how to be a man, and the pride and dignity that comes along with being a strong one. Shame on them!!!

Those vagina leslies embarrass me and those pink pussy hats are just ridiculous. Real women with jobs, productive lives and family obligations don't have time for all this nonsense. As for the odd hair colors, that's just so dated .


We can't all be princesses.or queens! Gina says: But I like to be Queen; the sound of Princesses clapping as I go by validates my delusion.