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  • Hannah Nakles

    part of my sister tattoo idea :-)

  • Raissa Barnett

    sister tattoos. Too bad my sister would never get a tattoo :/

  • Adrienne Duke

    Sisters forever! I loves my sister.. @Jennifer Sharp

  • Karen van Nijkerk

    The perfect matching tattoo "Sisters" get a matching sister tattoo

  • Alyssa Hart

    My sister is easily my greatest source of comfort, support, and love. She's my best friend and the love we share can't be explained in worlds. Someday in the near future we're getting sister tattoo's together: not because we need to prove to others how close we are, but so that no matter what happens, no matter where we go, there will always be a physical reminder of the infinite love we can find in one another. Always.

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I would get this but have it also say, "I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart, I am never with out it"

sister tattoo....maybe i can make it a brother sister Tattoo...yeah right My brother would never go for it

Sister tattoo. Tattoo #3 Jennie Godden, I would so get this with you if you ever decided you wanted to!!! I love you!

When I'm older I want a VERY small tattoo and the bow, infinity sign, heart, and imagine are all of the possibilities!

Three_Sisters_Tattoos_by_SinisterVibe.jpg 1,050×2,016 pixels

Sister tattoo..... This could be cool for me and Nickett!!!

The idea of this is nice but I am guessing that, for such a small piece, they could have afforded to go to someone other than the homey with the eBay tattoo gun working out of his mom's basement. If the tattoo is any indication, these sisters do NOT fit together. Lol