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Reading this of someone's loss made me really think about how we take our love ones for granted. I would miss these things and so many more. We should appreciate each moment we have together because life can be taken at any moment!

I remember one time I fell asleep in your arms, and it was really hot in the morning so I almost push your arm off me... And then I realized that you had kept your arm around me all night.... And I just smiled and kissed your sleeping lips...

I know that you already know this, but thought it couldn't hurt to remind you. Also, I know that you are NOT ok. Therefore, I will do whatever I can and is necessary to change that. I'm serious. You cannot live like this anymore...and you don't have to.

and this is when the feeling sinks in, I don't want to miss you like this... I don't need anything or anyone but you so if I lay here if I just layed here could you come back and lay with me so we could forget the world, just be together again....

Your have such a beautiful compassionate heart!!! I'm sorry for losing my cool. <3 <3 I just want you to trust me ✌️

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How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. – Winnie the Pooh #goodbye Missing You: 22 Honest Quotes About Grief

Long distance relationships can be wonderful if both people are honest, trustworthy, and love each other. Separations keep the love alive and you appreciate the time that you have together.