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How To Thriller! Haha This is funny because me and Anndraya and Elizabeth were Michael Jackson and thriller for a Lip-synch this would've been helpful for our dance ha ha


I never thought about this before…

When teaching history, I used to try to explain this to students- usually with little success. People have a hard time grasping how many people it took to make them. and how that gives us huge family trees. ** This is very interesting.

Haha lol

exploding cake - because April Fools is a Holiday too! Also for a surprise birthday party.big surprise to let birthday person cut it !Then bring out the real cake!

If the world was a village of 100 people.  Wow.

If the world were a village of 100 people

If the world were a village of 100 people. So interesting! Brilliantly visuals to connect to If the World Were A Village book by David J Smith

Lousy camel-flage - Album on Imgur

Lousy camel-flage

This picture was taken directly above the camels in the desert at sunset. It is considered one of the best pictures of the year. Look closely, the camels are the little white lines in the picture. The black camels you see are just the shadows!

Flowchart: Hey Jude

Inspired by the Total Eclipse Of The Heart flow chart, love all this created the Hey Jude Flow Chart to help you unravel one of The Beatles’ most complicated songs.

Body language cues you might not have known about. It always scares me when people can't read these.

Funny pictures about Body Language Secrets. Oh, and cool pics about Body Language Secrets. Also, Body Language Secrets photos.

Something to be aware of when you ask your groom-to-be to help pick colours or themes... :) Does your bloke have boy vision.... How they see it, and how we see it :D Hehehe so true!

Funny pictures about Color Names: Girls Vs Guys. Oh, and cool pics about Color Names: Girls Vs Guys. Also, Color Names: Girls Vs Guys photos.

Puts things in perspective...

If the world was a village of 100 people. What an interesting info graphic! This really puts things into perspective!