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Thessaloniki, Greece, July 11, 1942, "The Black Sabbath". New photographs of that day's gathering of Greek Jews by the German occupation forces come to life by Andreas Assael; he bought them in a German flea-market recently, bought and edited them. On one of the photos Andreas recognized his father. 45.000 Greek Jews never came back from the German death camps. Only 1.100 survived.

Thessaloniki, Greece, July "The Black Sabbath". Greek Jews never came back from the German death camps.

Thessaly, Greece, 1942-1944. Greek kids joined the resistance against the Axis Triple occupation of the country. They were organized in "Aetopoula" (i.e. Young Eagles) affiliated to EAM (i.e. National Liberation Front). They mostly served carrying messages to resistants. Here, four Aetopoula, show the marks or torture by the German occupation forces at Thessaly, perhaps in 1944. They were released because the Germans couldn't break them & spared their lives.

children - Greek resistance fighters were known as "Aetopoula" (Young Eagles). The photo features four Aetopoula who'd been captured, tortured and, apparently, later released by the German occupation forces at Thessaly c.

Holocaust of Viannos 14–16 September 1943. Crete, Greece.   It was ordered by General Friedrich-Wilhelm Müller (Known by the nickname  "the Butcher of Crete") . The Wehrmacht  units killed 500 people (men women and children)  and burned  the civilian residents of 20 villages located in the areas of east  Viannos and west Ierapetra.

Holocaust of Viannos September Crete, Greece. It was ordered by…

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Nazi Party Day in Nuremberg, center, Leni Riefenstahl

German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl filming the Nazi Party rally in Nürnberg, Germany, Sep 1934

When the Nazis landed on the island, the mayor went to the local church leader, Metropolitan Dimitrios Chrysostomos for assistance. He volunteered to negotiate with the Germans and told the mayor to burn the list of the island’s 275 Jews. He implored the German commander not to deport the Jews. When the German insisted on a list,  Chrysostomos took a piece of paper, wrote his own name on it and handed it over. "Here is the list of Jews you require." Righteous Among the Nations.

On 9 September a German force landed on the island of Zakinthos (Zakynthos). The German commander ordered the Greek mayor Carrer to provide him with a list of the local Jews, so that they could be deported to the mainland and from there to the camps

NINE KINGS at Buckingham Palace: A fortnight earlier, on May 6, 1910, the 68-year-old King Edward VII had died after a nine-year reign. Known invariably as Edward the Caresser or Edward the Peacemaker, he had been "Uncle of Europe...

Nine Kings at Buckingham Palace

holdhard: “ The Nine Sovereigns at Windsor for the funeral of King Edward VII. Standing, from left to right: King Haakon VII of Norway, Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria, King Manuel II of Portugal, Kaiser.