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You don't know if it's a boy and a girl, girl and a girl, boy and a boy, mixed race couple, you know nothing. Just the simplicity of the connection and beauty of two human beings sharing love and that's all that should ever matter. Wow so meaningful...


Ok quick rant (SPOILERS FOR 4x3): I am so disappointed in the Sherlock fandom. A lot of people gave 4x3 really bad ratings, just because they didn't make johnlock explicitly canon. It was implied, but apparently that wasn't enough. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of johnlock and tjlc. And I know the creators and crew built it up a whole lot, what with "tv history" and everything, and yes, I am a little bitter about that. But if they threw a kiss in at the end of 4x3, casual viewers would…

Is sitting in the tree kissing when a seven year old stops below singing the "k-i-s-s-i-n-g" song. Rumple smirks and kisses me again quickly then looks at the kid and says "I've already got the kiss down. We are going to get married, and kid, I promise you this person will have a baby carriage, one way or another." I turn as red as possible.

emuyh-art: “then thEY KISS It’s thanks to fuwa’s klance/aladdin au that’s got me weak in the knees. do not repost w/o permission ”

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That look on 10's face is so...exhilarating.<<wish they'd include the one after Queen Elizabeth kissed him. ;)

It's the one line Alec doesn't cross. He might be the biggest flirt of all time, but he doesn't steal kisses or any other form of affection.