baby fennec fox (oh my heart!)

Fennec Fox

...ok thats pretty cute

Fennec Fox kits

Aww little fox

The happiest little hedgehog ever!

This poor little joey was hurt in a recent bush fire. His feet are pretty burnt so the goal is to try and keep him off his feet so they can heal.


baby bear

Pomeranian + Husky = Pomsky

Sleeping baby bunnies.

Fennec Fox so dang cute!!

Ik kan je horen !! :)

baby foxes



baby owl, stop!

umm, I might just die looking at this!

Baby bunny.

You've never loved anything as much as this panda loves hugging his ball.

Oh she looks beautiful alright. But look at those eyes, something about them, they just tell you that she's dangerous and she's not be trusted. Pretty things are often deadly.