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  • Jenna Burch

    The only appropriate attitude for man to have about the big questions is not the arrogant certitude that is the hallmark of religion, but doubt. Doubt is humble, and that's what man needs to be, considering that human history is just a litany of getting shit dead wrong. This is why rational people, anti-religionists, must end their timidity and come out of the closet and assert themselves. And those who consider themselves only moderately religious really need to look in the mirror and realize that the solace and comfort that religion brings you actually comes at a terrible price. Bill Maher

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Bill Maher - Gotta love this guy! Not too keen on his negativity towards religion but he calls it like it is :)

I typically don't pin celebrities on my Gentlemen's Wardrobe board, but come on this is so smooth criminal. I can't. . .

When did ignorance, cynicism and complacency start to be looked at as appropriate? For those that think it is, I've got some news for you: You're wrong. Please wake up.

Love Bill Murray. I met him once and he was hilarious, right then I knew it was true love. LOL.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. (November 25, 1960 – July 16, 1999), often referred to as John F. Kennedy, Jr., JFK Jr., John Jr. or John-John, was an American socialite, magazine publisher, lawyer, and pilot. The elder son of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy, Kennedy died in a plane crash along with his wife Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and his sister-in-law Lauren Bessette, on July 16, 1999.

Bill Maher's political talk show "Real Time with Bill Maher" debuts on HBO. (February 21, 2003)

Alec Baldwin stands by his vegan beliefs and claims to have chosen this lifestyle for his love of animals, his personal health and for the environment.

BILL GATES, Chairman of Microsoft // Business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and author. Theoretically, he's rich enough to buy any country with a GDP less than his worth of 50 Billion US Dollars but he decides to give 95% of his amassed wealth to charity. Oh, and he feels that the tax he's paying isn't enough. What a guy!

Bill Maher is right about religion: The Orwellian ridiculousness of Jesus, and the truth about moral progress- " their nature the world’s religions are tribal and xenophobic, serving to regulate moral rules within the community but not seeking to embrace humanity outside their circle. Religion, by definition, forms an identity of those like us, in sharp distinction from those not us, those heathens, those unbelievers."