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Beneficial Insects - "Good Bug Chow" Recipe: Here are recipes you can make at home to attract the good guys to your garden. This mix is enjoyed by adult lacewings, ladybugs, parasitic wasps and others.

Attracting Beneficial Insects: Lure good bugs to your garden by getting to know the players and giving them the right habitat

the new winner of Top Model, Insect Edition

Beneficial Borders: Control pests by planting flowers that lure beneficial insects.

Insect hotel, for beneficial insects and native mason bees, provides habitat for pollinators.

Tips for Attracting Beneficial Insects to Your Garden. Here is a list of beneficial insects that help eliminate harmful pests or help with pollination.

Attracting Beneficial Insects with Flowers Insect populations change during the growing season, as do the plants that attract them. One of the goals of working with insectary plants is to have new things coming into bloom as others fail, so that beneficials always have a dependable supply of nectar and pollen.

Top 10 Beneficial Garden Insects - Predators That Feed on Garden Pests

Beneficial insects that help make your landscape beautiful by serving as pest predators, plant pollinators, and soil aerators. | Photo: Joe Kazimierczyk |

insect homes and piece of art... Pets for the city classroom!